The navigation license allows to guide a boat with a length up to 6m, with the power for which the boat is certified by the manufacturer. During daytime don’t move more than two nautical miles in any direction from a port, marina or place of shelter. Jet-skis of class C up to a power of 55 HP.

In the two hours of theory you will learn limits of navigation to beaches that are marked, not marked and the access to them. Rules for maritime traffic and inland navigation in ports. Drive the boat. Certain rules of the International Regulations to prevent collision.

If you have the Titulín or Federative Authorization it will only be necessary to carry out the 4 hours of navigation practices in Escola Port to get the Navigation License.

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  • Documentation you provide us.
  • Being 18 or 16 years old with parental consent.
  • Pass a medical exam in accordance with the requirements of the regulations (more here).
  • Accreditation mandatory basic safety practices and navigation (only if you have the "headline")

Two hour theory block during which there will be an introduction to practical content. Also taught knowledge limitations to navigation buoys no beaches, buoys and their access channels.

Regulations with regard to maritime transport and inland deliveries. A. Marques lateral region form of government and balance the boat to avoid any shots and important not to cross the ocean.

Rules 4 to 8, 11 to 19 and 37 (including Annex IV) of the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions. 2. In addition to the basics will be taught using a portable VHF radio station, limited knowledge of the channel 16, for use in emergency communications and basic routine, as well as Salvage form of contact (channel 16 and telephone 112 900 202 202).

This theoretical training can teach in a classroom or on the boat itself practices.

(You can see in detail the BOE. 247, October 11 2014 Sec. I. page. 83,008)

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