The sailing club of Escola Port Barcelona is for all those who want to extend their sailing experience. All of this with a highly experienced sailing instructor.

Being a member of our sailing club is free, you only pay if you want to browse and depending on the plan if you want to sail.

  1. Saturday mornings from 10h to 13h sailing tour with the School. To make these trips you can buy a pack of two or five. These trips are in a group with other club members.
  2. You can also create your own group and contact the school to book a skipper and a boat exclusively for you and your group. Book the boat.
  3. If you prefer to sail away from the coast and do the practices in Balearic islands, you can write yourself to our LAST MINUTE offer form and receive offers that we have prepared.

If you have made a previous practice approved of sailing at our school, you can repeat the same practice at a lower price.

Throughout the years Escola Port Barcelona practiced many water sport titles for navigation, for which we have the biggest float certified in Catalonia.

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