10 Nov


A good way to enter the nautical world is to do a Basic Sailing Navigation Course. In this article, we will explain everything you can learn in this type of course and why you should do it.

Advantages of Sailing

Sailing with sails is one of the oldest means of maritime transport. It has the advantage over modern ones that it does not pollute the environment, since the energy that moves the ship is the wind. Nowadays, it is also a sport, an increasingly popular sport.

There are many types of sport sailboats: from small sailboats to start in this sport, through monotype sailboats such as the J80, which is the sailboat used in this basic sailing course of Escola Port. 

What will you learn in a Basic Sailing Navigation course?

The Basic Sailing course organized by Escola Port is designed for all those who have never sailed before and want to get started in this sport. It is a 3-hour practical course that is carried out entirely on the sailboat. A first part of the course in the port (without going out to sea), in which the parts of the ship, rigging and sails are explained. Once the students know all the parts of the sailboat they go out to sea to start sailing with the sails. 

At sea, all participants in the course will learn to know where the wind is coming from, how to orient the sails according to the direction of the wind and how to get the most out of the sails and the wind to get the maximum speed of the boat. 

Most people are unaware that modern sailboats can also sail against the wind, not directly to the wind, but rather by adjusting to the wind. In this course, you learn to navigate in tight (against the wind) and in different directions: across, long, astern… All students have the opportunity to take the boat and maneuver the sails. 

Once the three hours are completed, the boat returns to the port, the students collaborate in collecting the sails and coiling all the nautical ropes. You will have learned the essentials of sailing and nautical vocabulary!

Once the course is finished, at the port, all students are given a bag with the sailing manual to review what they have learned at home and a diploma as they have completed and passed their Basic Sailing Navigation Course, and they are encouraged to continue sailing in the Navigation Club in Barcelona of the Escola Port, in the Olympic Port of Barcelona, to practice sailing and sailing.

This course is aimed at people of all ages, women and men. The maximum number of people per sailboat is 7 plus the monitor. The price of the course with the current discount is € 60 per person with VAT included. You can register for the Basic Sailing Navigation Course now.