1.- What is a complaint form?

It is a tool designed by the Departament de Treball, Indústria, Comerç i Turisme, together with the establishments, in order for consumers and users to make complaints at their source.

2.- What will the Administration do with the complaint form?

The organism receiving the form will act ex officio, considering the request of the claimant, and will perform as it considers most suitable.

3.- How must the form be submitted?

Once the data have been filled, any relevant document will have to be attached to the complaint, as well as any evidence which may be supplied (product sample, technical assessments, etc.)

– At the nearest Town or Area Consumer Information Office (OMIC or (OCIC) or

– Any office of the Departament de Treball, Indústria, Comerç i Turisme.

– You can consult the address at phone 012 or

– The copy stating “Exemplar per a l’establiment” will be given to the establishment or place of the complaint, and the complainant will keep the copy stating “Exemplar per a la persona consumidora”