The students that contract a course in Escola Port / Formación Profesional del Mar and, for whatever reason, decide to cancel later, will have the right to a refund as long as they have not begun to complete the course or practice (for the practices they have of notifying 48 hours before its cancellation) and provided that they have not spent 20 days * from the execution of the order.

Students who meet the previous requirements will only have to complete the form that they will see below, completing all the fields and the account number and within a period not exceeding one week, they will receive a notification via e-mail or the subscription in your bank account.


Order date


Students who do not meet the requirements indicated in the first paragraph will not be entitled to a refund. In any case, they can complete the course at another time (the contribution made does not expire), or they can even give away another person the right to complete the course.

(*) According to the Directive 2011/83 / EU , consumers are entitled to refund of the amount paid up to 14 days of their purchase when they are purchased online. Escola Port / Formació Profesional del Mar extend this period to 20 days both for online sales and their sales in their two centers in Barcelona.