GMDSS Restricted Operators Certificate (ROC).

Theoretical and mainly practical training to perform the functions of the radiocommunication service on ships accommodated in the SMSSM in zone A1. Transmit and receive information using the subsystems and the SMSSM equipment. Guarantee radiocommunication services in cases of emergency.

The course is certified in Spain by the DGMM, General Directorate of the Merchant Navy.

Headed for captains and officers in charge of the civilian shipwreck guards hosted by the SMSSM. It is also one of the necessary certifications for Professional Boat of Recreational Boats (PPER).

The course is in person and the duration is 40 hours, of which 15 hours are theoretical content and 25 hours of practical training.

Both the theoretical and practical parts are carried out at the facilities of the Escola Port at the Vila Olímpica in Barcelona, ​​Carrer Dr. Trueta, 48. There are 12 stations with Vox Maris simulators, which allow 12 students to take the course simultaneously with two teachers.

Operador Restringit SMSSM - pràctiques - FP del MAR - Escola Port

The student can only miss 10% of the theoretical part of the course. The practical training must be totally completed.

Escola Port / Formació Professional del Mar, a nautical school approved by the Directorate General of the Merchant Navy (DGMM) and with an ISO 9001 quality certificate. Escola Port gives the course of GMDSS Restricted Operator Certificate in accordance with the STCW training agreement, which establishes the minimum standards for identifying nautical training in all nations.


  • Basic features of the maritime mobile service.
  • Practical knowledge and habilitation of the basic equipment of a ship's station.
  • Operational procedures and detailed operation of the practice of GDMSS systems and their subsystems.
  • Capabilities and operational procedures for general communications.

  • Art. 10 Order FOM / 2296/2002.
  • Annex I Order FOM / 2296/2002.
  • Section A - IV / 2 of the Training Code (table A-IV / 2).
  • Decision of the European Radiocommunication Committee of March 10, 1999 [ERC / DEC / (99) 01].
  • DNI (Spanish ID), NIE or passport, in force
  • Minimum age 18 years
  • Sufficient knowledge of the English language on its maritime side.
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Restricted Operator10:00 a 19:00 hApr. | Mon. 01
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This only applies if you want to issue your certificate in Spain. To request the issuance of the certificate of "Restricted Operator of the SMSSM", the following documentation must be presented to the Maritime Captain of any Spanish autonomous community: