Escola Port gives the refreshers for any STCW certificate in accordance with current resolutions of the Spanish Merchant Marine General Directorate.

The refreshers of Basic Safety Training, Survival Craft and Rescue Boat other than Fast Rescuet Boat can be obtained in two ways, according to the boarding periods that can be credited, with a reduced competence course or complete .

The reduced course is aimed at sea professionals who can prove their experience at least 3 months in the last 5 years on board merchants or fishing over 24m boats.

The full course to revalidate these three certificates must be completed compulsory by those who cannot certify on-board experience.

Certificates Complete course Reduced course
Basic Safety Training 16 hours 12 hours
Survival Craft and Rescue Boat Other Than Fast Rescue Boat 12 hours 4.5 hours
Advanced Fire Fighting 8 hours 4.5 hours


Certificates Crowd management on passenger ships, GDMSS Restricted Operator (ROC), GDMSS General Operator (GOC) and Port Skipper must be revalidated through training and reduced practices with their respective competence upgrade courses .

Degree / Certificate Duration
Port Skipper. 16h
GMDSS Restricted Operator Certificate (ROC). 8h
GMDSS General Operator Certificate (GOC) 16h
Medical First Aid 8h
Crowd Management on Passenger Ships 8h


Certificates of in Maritime Awareness and Deck Rating do not expire.