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Crowd Management on Passenger Ships15:00 a 18:00hJul. | Mon. 29
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STCW - A-V/2

Crowd Management on Passenger Ships. Theoretical and practical course in which students are trained to control a crowd in the case of an emergency on board, locate the essential safety and emergency equipment, maintain an effective communication with passengers during the emergency, demonstrate how The personal salvage devices are used and comply with the ship's emergency and safety procedures.

The course is aimed to captains, officers and sailors, of deck and of machines, and the rest of personnel with functions of assistance to the passage in situations of emergency in the passenger ships, both conventional and rolling (ro-ro), with tonnage equal to or greater than 500 GT or that are authorized to carry 300 or more passengers and, in general, to all personnel who provide a direct service to passengers.


STCW course endorsed in Spain by the DGMM and is supported by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). It is taught in Barcelona and Girona.

STCWCrowd Management on Passenger Ships - Escola Port

Classroom course.
32 hours:
  • 24 hours theoretical content.
  • 8 hours practical content.


To obtain the certificate, attendance to both the theoretical and the practices is mandatory.


  • STCW Passenger Ships
  • 281 290 €
  • Theory 24 hours.
  • Practices 8 hours.
  • Teaching materials.
  • Student insurance, management.


The certificate of competence in Passenger Ships has a validity of 5 years, after this time has to be updated by holding a competency maintenance course (refresher).


We have created Training Packs that combine several certificates required to work in the maritime sector.

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Escola Port | Formación Profesional del Mar, certified nautical school teaches the course of Passenger Ships in accordance with the STCW Convention.



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  • Getting acquainted.
  • Security training for staff in direct contact with passengers in their designated areas.
  • Crowd control.
  • Passenger safety, load and integrity of the helmet.
  • Emergency management and human behavior.
  • Resolution real practical cases.

Regulations: Art. 1 Order FOM / 2296 / 2002. Annex I Order FOM / 2296 / 2002. Rules V / 2 and V / 3 (in force since January 99) paragraphs 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 of the STCW agreement and sections A - V / 2 and AV / 3 paragraphs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 of the Training Code.
  • DNI, NIE or passport
  • Minimum age 18 years

This applies if you want to issue in Spain. To request the issuance of the Certificate of "Crowd Management of Passenger Ships", the following documentation must be submitted to the Maritime Captain of your autonomous community:

  • Certificate of Specialty application form.
  • Photocopy of DNI, NIE or passport
  • Certified photocopy of the diploma "Crowd Management on Passenger Ships" course, according to the Order of 04/09/2002, issued by Escola Port.
  • Proof of payment of fees for "Professional Maritime and Recreational Titles."