18 Jun


Very often our students send us comments in the form of e-mail, messages on our website or in other Internet spaces. They usually speak well of our teachers, boats or Escola staff. We would like to highlight Daniel’s comment, who has decided to dedicate himself to the sea and has found in Escola Port the site to advise, learn and start this new journey. Now he has obtained all the certificates he needed and has already a date to embark on a ship. Congratulations, Daniel!

“My name is Daniel Molinero, I am 25 years old and I recently finished sailing courses at Escola Port.

The first thing to mention about the sailing world is the ease to choose a school. Since the courses are relatively expensive to make, I looked at all the schools that I could from Barcelona to compare prices and quality, and as always, in all schools what they always prioritize 100% was the price, they did not explain it at all well and at least I did not feel very comfortable.

When I arrive at Escola Port, I will not lie, I only saw just another school, but sometimes life surprises you … I was attended by a girl named Vanessa, and finally someone asked me what I was looking for, in my case, to work in a cruise.

I explained what the necessary courses were for that, what they used to ask, what they did not need and taught me the school, then I explained the mode of payment (which was cheaper and with more facilities than the others), which confirms the next day.Picture1

At the beginning of the course, I realized that I could learn more than what I expected, highly qualified teachers to answer any question you can think of.

At the end of the first course (in my case the basic one, STCW-95) there are very realistic practices in the open sea of survival, since, in my opinion, if they are done in a pool or some other place, you do not live the experience that can be a boat abandonment, with its dizziness, nervous people and having to think about what needs to be done so that everything goes well. It may seem “hard”, but it is very well controlled and there are teachers and instructors for whatever it takes.

After (or before, as in my case) fire practices are also done to make it clear to you how fire works, one thing is what you learn in classes, but if later you go to a realistic field, with real fire , fire hoses and various fire extinguishers; That’s where you really understand everything.

At the end of the first course in the same center you already know people who are going to dedicate themselves to it like you, make contacts and learn experiences from a veteran, because, although the classes are serious, in the end you end up talking to everyone.

Although the best source of information for me was Lorena at the reception, who always put up with me and helped find (and find) work for what I was looking for.

While I finished my third course (after maritime security I made passenger ships), I became fond of the school and the people, and as I still had things to do on the ground before embarking, I decided to continue doing courses, as they open several constantly.

Finally I ended up doing a total of 6 courses, those previously said, fast and not fast rescue boats, where I went back to find Jose, a teacher who, besides teaching me how to do the maneuvers (with a lot of patience), taught us several sailor knots.Picture2

And a first aid course, since it never hurts to know about it …

After all the courses, Lorena and Vanessa explain how to easily get all the official titles in the merchant marine. With which you are ready to embark.

In my case, I finished the courses a couple of weeks ago and with the advice they gave me, my boarding date is less than a month to the position I thought it would take a couple of years to get …

So, if I continue working in the sea in 5 years, I no longer have to think about which school to go to, I have it very clear, like several contacts I made and they asked me where to take the courses … Escola Port, Barcelona. “