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ROC GMDSS08:00 a 17:00hMay. | Mon. 27
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GMDSS Restricted Operators Certificate (ROC). Theoretical and mainly practical training to perform the functions of the inshore communications service. Transmit and receive information using the subsystems and the SMSSM equipment. Guarantee radiocommunication services in cases of emergency.


The ROC certificate is the minimum level of maritime radio qualification required by the professional seafarer. It’s designed for mariners are going operating exclusively within GMDSS Area 1 (VHF range of a Coast Station). The GOC qualification is required for those who will be operating outside A1 areas.

It meets upon STCW A-IV/2 conditions and is the minimum requirement for MCA for Certificates of Competence.

This certificate is suitable for Master, pilots, OOW, port control operators, offshore, windfarm and workboat operators and fishermen operating in coastal waters less than 500GT STCW or 200GT MCA and holders of RYA Yachtmaster offshore.

  The course is aimed to captains and officers in charge of the civilian shipwreck guards hosted by the SMSSM. It is also one of the necessary certifications for the PPER (Professional Skipper for Recreational Boats).

STCW course endorsed in Spain by the DGMM and is supported by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). It is taught in Barcelona and Girona.

STCW GMDSS Restricted Operators Certificate (ROC)


Classroom course.
40 hours:
  • 15 hours theoretical content.
  • 25 hours practical content.


To obtain the certificate, attendance to both the theoretical and the practices is mandatory.


  • GMDSS Restricted Operators Certificate
  • 495 510 €
  • Theory 15 hours.
  • Practices 25 hours.
  • Teaching materials.
  • Student insurance, management.


The certificate of competence in GMDSS Restricted Operator Certificate (ROC) has a validity of 5 years, after this time has to be updated by holding a competency maintenance course (refresher).

We have created Training Packs that combine several certificates required to work in the maritime sector.

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Escola Port | Formación Profesional del Mar, certified nautical school teaches the course of GMDSS Restricted Operator Certificate (ROC) in accordance with the STCW Convention.




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  • Basic features of the maritime mobile service.
  • Practical knowledge and habilitation of the basic equipment of a ship's station.
  • Operational procedures and detailed operation of the practice of GDMSS systems and their subsystems.
  • Capabilities and operational procedures for general communications.

  • Art. 10 Order FOM / 2296/2002.
  • Annex I Order FOM / 2296/2002.
  • Section A - IV / 2 of the Training Code (table A-IV / 2).
  • Decision of the European Radiocommunication Committee of March 10, 1999 [ERC / DEC / (99) 01].
  • DNI (Spanish ID), NIE or passport, in force
  • Minimum age 18 years
  • Sufficient knowledge of the English language on its maritime side.
This only applies if you want to issue your certificate in Spain. To request the issuance of the certificate of "Restricted Operator of the SMSSM", the following documentation must be presented to the Maritime Captain of any Spanish autonomous community: