10 Jun


Jet Ski Barcelona rental

The Olympic Port of Barcelona is one of the favorite places of tourists to practice waterports and nautical activities. It is considered one of the 8 favorite places for most tourists visiting the city of Barcelona.

One of the favorite activities is jet ski rental, because it allows you to navigate at high speed even without a license. This favors that visitors of the multiple nationalities can easily access the Jet Ski rental. They are only required to navigate behind a monitor and in groups of up to 4 jet ski. Prior to departure to the sea, a briefing is given which explains all security measures and navigation rules, as well as providing them with the corresponding lifejackets.

These Jet Ski have their power limited to 50 CV. With Seadoo jet ski this limitation is performed electronically with a key. When a person rents it without license, the jet ski has a green key, and when it is used by a monitor or a licensed person a yellow key is used. The difference is that the yellow gives all the power to the engine. The other brand we have available is Yamaha, which uses a mechanical limiting system on the same accelerator. When you navigate a monitor or a qualified person, this limit is removed.

Jet Ski Navigation Zone and safety systems

It is mandatory that jet ski operators have safety systems  to prevent water scooters from approaching areas where they can cause damage, such as in bathing areas (beaches) and that water scooters leave a certain perimeter. Escola Port | Jet ski, is one of the places where foreign and domestic tourists can rent jet ski,. Since 2015 it has an innovative electronic system that limits the speed of all its ski jets, as well as the perimeter where they can navigate, as can be seen in the image. The Jet ski will not be able to transfer the blue line marked in the image at any time and if they do, the speed automatically decreases to a minimum. This system works by identifying each jet ski its position by means of GPS and sending the information to the operator for a SIM card installed on each jet ski. Therefore, its operation is perfect if the mobile coverage is correct, as is now the case throughout the coast.


This control system, on one side, performs the mentioned function automatically when motorcycles leave the perimeter, but it can also work manually. That is, the monitor that goes to the motorcycles can stop them from each other if they verify that they do not comply with the rules of navigation and more, in the port, there is another person who at all times, he is listening to the monitor with a VHF transmitter so that if he needs to stop the motorcycles and he can not do it because he is performing a rescue action, for example that one of the occupants falls to the sea, from the port they can stop All the motorcycles that the monitor indicates to you.

There is an anecdote from the summer of 2015 in Escola Port, just when the GPS system was just released. The monitor navigated with a group of 4 jet ski with 4 Arab tourists and there appeared several large dolphins in the navigation area. The group of tourists thought that they were dealing with sharks and they dispersed like crazy at full speed towards the harbor and beaches calling shark without the monitor giving him time to react. Fortunately, the automatic unemployment system did its job and all the motorcycles when they reached the limits marked (beaches, port) stopped automatically and the monitor quickly approached all of them to inform them that it was dolphin, which approach very often the coasts of Barcelona.

All jet ski rental have limited speed, monitor with the group, and electronic unemployment system for motorcycles. They allow this activity to be a safe activity and with a very small percentage of accidents in relation to the immense amount of tourists that carry out the activity and enjoy browsing the coast of Barcelona.

Since the beginning of the 90’s, there had been many technological advances in jet ski. the established regulatory requirements (registration, insurance), and security regulations, have made it possible for this activity to develop today with minimal risk, if the operators meet all of these requirements. These are the most notable advances:

  1. The Jet Ski have increased their engine power from 2 to 4 times, much quieter and less polluting. They strictly adhere to all the environmental regulations of the EEC with regard to noise pollution as well as emissions.
  2. Currently all Jet Ski (for rent or private) must be enrolled (legal documentation) and have an insurance.
  3. Jet Ski operators must have their activity approved and accepted by the corresponding maritime captainships, they must have the Its bounded area of navigation and must notify the Maritime Captain of any incident.
  4. Jet Ski operators must have motorcycle unemployment systems.

The practice of Jet ski is also a sporting activity, as it requires crew members to continually strive to dominate the motorcycle with the swell. It’s a fun activity to practice as a family or a couple. We recommend you come to the Olympic Port of Barcelona to practice it and we recommend you always choose an operator, to rent the Jet Ski, which meets all the legal requirements mentioned in this article.

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