26 Jul


To be able to govern jet skis it is necessary to have a nautical certificate (motonautical license), as well as having the jet ski registered and insured. Instead, if you want to rent a jet ski with a monitor next to you with another jet ski, you do not need any licence, but the rental jet ski will be limited with a special key to a maximum power of 55 HP.

You can see in this video what kind of experience it is:

In case you want to drive a jet ski without a monitor next to you, you will need a certification or licence.

These are the possible degrees:


Nautical qualifications for recreational boats authorize you to take jet skis. Navigation License is equivalent to the Motonautical Licence C, that is a maximum of 55 HP of power and from PNB up to yacht captain allow you to take Nautical Motorcycles no limit of power.

Each of them has a permitted distance of separation from the coast to which it can be navigated, for example, the yacht captain has no limitation, but this does not mean that with a jet ski this rule can be applied, since, in any case the separation of the coast allowed not only depends on the degree, also influences the distance of the coast for which the ship or watercraft is dispatched. Normally the jet skis are dispatched to not be separated more than 3 miles from the coast.

If you want to professionally govern a jet ski you must have the title of Watercraft Monitor . To obtain this qualification you must have at least PNB , but we recommend that you take the PER, because soon there will be a regulation that will allow PER to take a course Basic Navigation Skipper to perform functions similar to those of the Nautical Motorcycle Monitors see Royal Decree November 2017.

In Escola Port we have a section dedicated to the rental of nautical motorcycles, without skipper, in Barcelona nauticaportbarcelona.com , with a guide monitor. This activity is carried out throughout the year, although in autumn / winter we recommend using a suit a neoprene suit that allows to maintain body temperature.


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