If you are a student at Escola Port / professional sea training you have, among other advantages, exclusive access to job offers that we publish continuously, both in the nautical and maritime sector.

In Escola Port / Professional Sea Training we have a nautical employment exchange, in which a business relationship requires nautical professionals degrees and certificates (sailors, cruise employees...). The different nautical jobs include seafaring employment, cruise employment or employment patterns, among others that we provide to our alumni, current students and students who have reserved courses for the future.

In our school, we have an important database of students that we ensure good nautical training. For this reason, we prefer that when companies ask us for professionals, the candidates are those that we have formed. By managing this way, we have the confidence that companies that include their applications in our nautical work portfolio will be satisfied with the professionals that we send them.

Mostly, the type of nautical employment that we offer and which companies request us, is usually that of people with the following qualifications and specialty certificates: Navigational Watch Rating, Port Skipper, PPER and you have to keep in mind that in order to obtain the previous qualifications you must have previously completed the Basic Safety Training course. All these nautical courses can be done at our professional nautical school.

If you are interested in receiving these nautical and employment offers with the requirements mentioned above, contact our school, and we will give you the business relationship to see if your profile and Your degrees fit into the nautical jobs we offer.

If you do not have a nautical degree, and you are unemployed, at Escola Port we offer you very special discounts, so you can get one Professional qualification that allows you to find the nautical employment you want.

Request your direct access by sending an email to info@fpdelmar.com.