This Training Courses are intended for Seafarers who require the refreshments for any STCW certificate.

REFRESHER TRAININGFull courseReduced course
Basic Safety Training16 hours 294€12 hours 250€
Survival Craft and Rescue Boat Other Than...12 hours260€4,5 hours150€
Fast Rescue Boats12,5 hours200€7,5 hours150€
Advanced Fire Fighting8 hours300€4,5 hours190€
GMDSS ROC8 hours240€
GMDSS GOC16 hours390€
Medical First Aid8 hours200€
Crowd Management on Passenger Ships8 hours140€
Port Skipper16 hours240€

Requirements to qualify for the reduced course:

Prove boarding period on merchant or fishing vessels (greater than 24 m):

  • 3 months in the last 6 months, or
  • 12 months of the last 5 years.

Documentation to present:

* A company certificate will be presented for each of the vessels indicated in the declaration of shipping periods.

Guaranteed training, Escola Port never cancels its courses.


CourseScheduleStart of courseMore info.
Basic Safety Training09:00 a 16:00hJul. | Fr. 26
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Non fast boats09:00 a 14:00hSept. | Fr. 27
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Fast boatsWe are scheduling the next courses. For more information call us at 932210380
Advanced Fire Fighting09:00 a 18:00hSept. | Fr. 20
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Restricted Operator09:00 a 18:00hAgo. | Ju. 08
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General Operator08:00 a 17:00hSept. | Wed. 25
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Initial Medical First Aid15:30 a 19:30hSept. | Ju. 26
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Crowd Management on Passenger Ships09:30 a 18:30hAgo. | Fr. 02
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Port Skipper09:30 a 18:30hSept. | Mon. 09
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The refreshers of Basic Safety Training, Survival Craft and Rescue Boat other than Fast Rescuet Boat and Advanced Fire Fighting can be obtained in two ways.

Certificates Crowd management on passenger ships, GDMSS ROC, GDMSS GOC and Port Skipper must be revalidated through training and reduced practices with their respective competence upgrade courses .

Security Awareness and in Designated Security Duties and Deck Rating certificates do not expire.



To carry out the 8-hour update course, the certificate must be in force. If the certificate is expired, the full course of 22 hours must be done.

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