PPER professional specialty certificate

Theoretical theoretical course of 20 hours duration in which Escola Port / Formación Profesional del Mar prepares the student for the PPER exam of the D.G.M.M.

The professional nautical certificate of Professional Skipper for Recreational Boats enables its holder to professionally manage vessels up to 24m in length, navigate up to a distance of 60 miles from the coast and transport up to a maximum of 12 passengers, including the crew.

In addition, the PPER certificate empowers its holder to be an instructor in nautical schools in Navigation License, PNB and PER courses.

What do I need to be a PPER?
  • To have in possession the degree of Yacht Captain.
  • 6 professional specialty certificates.
  • Pass the examination of the D.G.M.M.
  • Declaration of having completed 50 days and 2500 navigation miles.
  • Pass a free medical examination at the ISM.

PPER - Escola Port - Professional Training of the MAR

The route to obtain the PPER is not necessarily linear, you can start when and how you want. First you can take the PPER exam, then the professional certificates and the recreational degrees or vice versa.

We invite you to come to school to meet us and together we will prepare your personalized curriculum.

PPER - training course - FP from MAR - Escola Port Barcelona


In the Olympic Village you will find our school, approved by the DGMM, where you can take the professional courses necessary to obtain the 6 specialty certificates that you need for the PPER.

Basic Safety Training

You will know the emergency situations and prepare you to respond to the possible dangers on board.

Mandatory certificate to board.

Crowd Management on Passenger Ships

Assistance to the passenger in emergency situations on board.

Medical First Aids

First aid and elementary nursing techniques.

GMDSS Restricted Operator

Radiocommunication service, both for normal communications and in emergency situations.

Advanced Fire Fighting

Control and coordination of firefighting operations on board.

Survival Craft and Rescue Boats other than Fast Rescue Boats

Manage rescue devices, organize survivors and take over a survival craft.


As PPER you can carry out several professional activities. We mention some of them.

  • In nautical companies as skipper carrying up to 12 passengers.
  • In nautical schools as professor of theory and navigation practices.
  • Rent your boat and act as skipper.
  • Transfer of boats through the peninsula, and between archipelagos.
  • Professional diving companies.


  • ID, NIE or valid passport
  • Minimum age 20 years
Corresponding to the content of the main legal precepts in which the Spanish maritime law is articulated.
This only applies to those who want to issue the certificate in Spain. In order to request the issuance of the Professional Recreation Boat Master certificate, the following documentation must be submitted to the Maritime Captaincy of your autonomous community:

  • Title of the yacht captain
  • Be the holder of 6 professional specialty certificates .
  • PPER exam of the D.G.M.M. approved.
  • Responsible statement of having made 50 days of navigation (5 high-altitude navigations of more than 60 m) and 2,500 nautical miles of navigation.
  • Medical boarding certificate, free of charge at the ISM (Institut Social de la Marina, Barcelona).


  • Start of course: Wednesday 19
    19:00 a 22:00