Escola Port / Formación Profesional del Mar collaborates with a RYA – Royal Yacht Association- center to offer courses of British nautical courses, recognized all over the world.

The methodology of these courses is based on practical training, the theoretical and practical classes are combined. Navigation plans of one or several days are organized according to the course and in these crossings both formations are carried out.

Escola Port is approved by the Generalitat de Catalunya and the DGMM to teach nautical courses to obtain national recreational qualifications and professional courses.



Differences between the RYA courses and the spanish courses. Yachtmaster and current PPER. *

Until before the appearance of the PPER (Professional Recreational Craft Pattern), the Yachtmaster title was the best option for people who wanted to have a professional nautical qualification and came from the nautical industry. recreation.

The Yachtmaster is a certificate of competence issued by the RYA (Royal Yacht Association) and, like the spanish recreational qualifications, authorizes the government of motor and sailing boats of different lengths , at different distances from the coast. The Yachtsmaster certificate has 3 titles and each of them has its equivalence in the spanish recreational titles: Per, Yacht Skipper and Yacht Captain.

The main difference between the RYA and the spanish qualifications is that if the student wishes to work in Spain in a spanish company, the PPER is the required qualification, since the content of the training is based on national legislation.

  • The Yacht Master Coastal is equivalent to the PER enabled with all of its extensions. The difference between the Yachtmaster and the current PER * is that the former allows working as a professional skipper.
  • The Yacht Master Offshore is equivalent to  the Yacht skipper . The difference with the current Yacht Pattern * is that the Yachtmaster allows you to work as a skipper.
  • And the Yacht Master Ocean  is equivalent to a “Professional” Yacht Captain . In fact, this English degree is what inspired the DGMM (Spanish legislator) to create the current PPER. Both Yachtmaster and PPER titles are professional and allow their owners to work using them.
  • Both the Yachtmaster certificate and the PPER certificate must complement a series of requirements for professional qualifications such as justifying certain hours of navigation, taking an exam and obtaining a certificate. series of specialty certificates and STCW professional qualifications that are common to most countries.

The STCW certificates required to obtain the PPER are: Basic Safety Training, Initial Specific Health Training, Restricted SMSSM Operator, Advanced Fire Fighting, Boats Not Rapids and Passenger Ships.

* There is a project Royal Decree dated November 13, 2017, which establishes qualifications attached to nautical qualifications for the government of recreational vessels (see more). It is possible that this project will enter into force during 2019, therefore upon its entry into force the spanish titles PER and Patrón Yate could be professionals if a STCW course of Basic Training in security is carried out.