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Actions with social responsibility

Escola Port is the most important nautical school in Catalonia thanks to having the best team of professionals and facilities (classrooms and boats) of the best level.

It is also environmentally friendly in all areas of its activity and, as a leading school, it seeks that its social and community environment can benefit from its activity by promoting social actions of various types.

Discounts for Young People (Carnet Jove)

We know that nautical culture is instilled in children and youth and accompanies you throughout your life. Since 2013 we have been facilitating the learning of sailing courses for young people with initiatives such as the Carnet Jove discounts and collaborations with Catalan universities.

We want young people to be able to access courses and activities at a much lower price (e.g. 50% in a Navigation License) and therefore be able to complement it with all the other learning they are doing.

If you are between 16 and 30 years old, don't think about it and start your nautical adventure with Carnet Jove and Escola Port. You will be able to learn the theory with digital resources, streaming classes, and practices in the best boats in Barcelona.

Gender gap

Reduce the gender gap (women are 17% in recreational courses and 2% in the market maritime labor) is essential.

We want to put our grain of sand, carrying out actions so that in the near future it decreases and it is frequent to see women working in the nautical sector. Therefore, we do:

Promotions: "Women at the helm" , in which they have been given More than 60 Navigation License courses for women who have told their experience in social networks to get more women to take the helm.

Sponsorships: Escola Port sponsors Silvia Mas, Spanish representative in the next Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. In the coming years Escola Port will sponsor projects led by women within the nautical world.


We believe it is our duty to convey a vision that takes into account the environment. In today's world with different climatic and pollution threats, in Escola Port, we mainly promote wind sailing, as it is the most respectful.

In turn, we also want to emphasize the reuse and recycling of materials that are derived from recreational and professional nautical as well as waste reduction. That is why, for example, we encourage the use of ecological bottles in our courses, giving a bottle to each student, to use it during the course and we want to give second lives in our sails ,among other initiatives

Discounts social exclusion situation

STCW professional courses are ideal to dedicate your professional life to the sea. The Basic Safety Training course is a compulsory training to work in the nautical/maritime sector.

If you find yourself in a situation of unemployment or at risk of social exclusion, we can offer you courses with a discount so that the price is not a barrier directly. For us, contributing to reducing social exclusion is a priority in our collaborations with entities in our country .

Aula Nautica

We want to provide nautical knowledge open and free to those who wish to access the nautical.

The Aula Náutica courses are aimed at reducing economic and distance barriers. Both for those people who save money from the theoretical part allow them to access a nautical degree, such as those who live outside Barcelona and can save the time and cost of class trip, limiting it only to the sessions of mandatory practices to complete the degree.

On the web there are open the courses, videos, and exams, as well as a forum to answer questions.

Job board

We have a job board where we publish offers that bring us companies of the maritime and nautical sector. Companies are aware of how well-trained students of Escola Port leave and for this reason, they contact us.

Jobs are offered in the maritime sector, to work on large cruise ships, in professions as diverse as hostesses, mechanics, sailors, etc. and in the nautical recreational sector where employers are mainly looking for pleasure boats in order to navigate with tourists and also demand workers diving companies, marinas, nautical schools, etc.


We are always open to having internship students (summer internships or stages) in order to transmit our knowledge and train in the fields of tourism, marketing, and information technology.

We have collaboration agreements with different schools and universities in France and other parts of Europe since 2014.

In many cases, the internships end up turning into a stable job. If you think you might be interested, make a proposal for a collaboration period.


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