STCW A-VI/1 Mandatory certificate to work in the nautical / maritime sector.

Get ready to face emergency situations on board with guarantees.

Once you have completed the course, you will know how to act by applying the procedures that minimize possible dangers in terms of fire fighting, first aid, survival and accident prevention.

  • Basic Safety Training
  • 728 750€
  • - Theory 45 hours.
  • - Practices 25 hours.
  • - Teaching materials.
  • - Student insurance, paperwork.
  • Registration

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Homologations. Escola Port - Formación profesional del mar

STCW course approved in Spain by the DGMM and is supported by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). It is taught in Barcelona and Girona.

The certificate Basic Safety Training is mandatory to be able to work on board of a civil ship, regardless of the category and position.

We are required to offer the course in spanish. If your spanish is limited, we can give you course supplies in English, and our teachers can assist you in english as well, so you can follow the class.

The Basic Safety Training course is made up of four modules aimed at establishing the specifications of the minimum standard of competences in:

  • Personal Survival Techniques. A-VI/1-1
    Theory in classroom. Practices at sea.
  • Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting. A-VI/1-2
    Theory in classroom. Practices in fire field.
  • Elementary First Aids. A-VI/1-3
    Theory in classroom. Practices in the classroom and on board.
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsablities. A-VI/1-4
    Theory in classroom.

Guaranteed training, at Escola Port you will always find a scheduled course that fits into your schedule.

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Basic Safety Training09:00 a 15:00hOct. | Mon. 03
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Classroom course.
70 hours:
  • 45 hours theoretical content.
  • 25 hours practical content.

The two-week course is scheduled every month at different times, check the calendar and choose the modality that best suits your schedule.

- Art. 5 Orden FOM / 2296 / 2002.
- Anexo I Orden FOM / 2296 / 2002.
- Sección A VI/1 Código de Formación (A- VI/1-1,1-2,1-3,1-4).

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  • DNI, NIE or passport, in force.
  • Minimal age 18 years old or 16 with parental permission.


To obtain the certificate, attendance is mandatory for both the theoretical and the practicals.


The certificate of competence in Basic Safety Training has a validity of 5 years, after this time has to be updated by a refresher course.

Formación Básica en Seguridad STCW -prácticas- FP del MAR - Escola Port


This only applies in case you want to issue your certificate in Spain. To apply for the issuance of the certificate of “Basic Safety Training” the following documentation must be submitted to the Capitanía Marítima:

  • Application form Specialty Certificates.
  • DNI, NIE or passport, in force.
  • Photocopy of the diploma course "Basic Safety Training," according to the order FOM / 2296/2002 issued by Escola Port.
  • Proof of payment of fees for Professional and Recreational degrees.


A Seaman’s Discharge Book, sometimes known as a Seaman's Service Book (SSB), is a full record of a seafarer’s career experience and certification.

The process of how to obtain a Seaman’s Book varies on the yachts flag authority. In Spain, it is issued by the DGMM and must be requested at the Maritime Captaincy.

To obtain it, the interested party must have a professional nautical title or a certificate of competence, such as the Basic Safety Training Certificate.

Do I Need a Seaman's Book?

You need it if you are:

  • a crew member who works on ships or large superyachts
  • a crew member employed on a registered ship or large yacht

How Do I Get a Seaman's Discharge Book?

Remember: the process of how to obtain a Seaman’s Book varies on the yachts flag authority as well.

Documents required to get to get a Seaman's Discharge Book:

  1. Completed the Application
  2. Include your CoC (Certificate of Competency)
  3. Include copies of your valid STCW “Basic Training” certificates
  4. Passport Copy and Passport Photos
  5. ISM medical