30 Nov


All over Spain there are different centres where STCW courses are taught. The Basic Safety Training course is the key course that will allow you to obtain the Maritime passbook that is necessary to be able to embark.

You can choose to take these STCW courses in public centres such as the ISM (Instituto Social de la Marina) or private centres approved by the DGMM (Dirección general de la Marina mercante). The private centres organise courses more frequently than the public ones, which have the advantage of being free of charge, but the disadvantage is that you have to be on a waiting list and you won’t know when you will really have a place to take the course.


Among the approved schools, Escola Port / Formación Profesional del Mar in Barcelona offers the advantage of having a wide calendar of courses and special conditions: special discounts for people who are unemployed, subsidies from Barcelona City Council for unemployed people from certain areas of the city. In addition, for people who are working the possibility is offered to cover the cost of the course by the FUNDAE (Fundación Estatal para la Formación en el Empleo).


STCW courses to work on a cruise ship

For those looking for a job aboard a cruise ship, Escola Port / Formación Profesional del Mar offers its students the Cruise Pack, with special discounts. This pack includes Basic Safety Training, Basic Training in Maritime Protection and Passenger Ships. There are other packs of professional nautical courses offered by this school.

These are the STCW courses carried out by Escola Port / Formación Profesional del Mar and those programmed for the coming months:

cursos stcw