Professional skipper. SMSSM general operator. Yachtsman.

Instructor of theory and practices of the LN, PNB and PER courses.

Although professionally I have started dedicating myself to the nautical world somewhat late, my vocation comes almost from the cradle. My family does not have a seafaring tradition as I descend from Castile, but being born in Barcelona gave me a different perspective, and it helped a lot that when I was a baby I had a Galician “babysitter” whom we nicknamed Coruña, and he was a retired fisherman. His plan to walk me was to go out to the port and ride the swallows. Since then, the sea and its immensity, its smell, its movement, have always called me. After many years in the hospitality industry and my parents now retired, I decided that I would stop browsing as a hobby and start doing it professionally. And without a doubt at sea is where I am happiest, and I hope to be able to transmit all that passion and the values ​​of sailing to you.

“Very good, the instructor (David) very friendly and everything very well explained, the truth is that it was short but very funny, and I want to sign up again to get the PER.”
Javier Melitón

“…a practical class with David, a real joy and excellent knowledge of the Instructor.”
Juan Manuel Ávila

* Trained at Escola Port | Professional Training of the Sea.

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