The mission of Escola Port is to bring nautical culture and passion for the sea to the local population. Our school aims to offer quality training and the necessary knowledge so that our students can obtain their nautical degrees both recreational and professional.

Our vision is to be a leading school supported by an involved teacher who enjoys what he does and transmits it to his students, in modern facilities and platforms, with innovative methods of theoretical and practical teaching.

The 6 main Port School values are:

  1. Integrity and ethical commitment
    It means being honest and honest in our work and in our dealings with others. Be aware of the ethical implications of the many decisions we face and act in a fair and responsible way, seeking the common good and, especially, that of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups.
  2. Professional excellence
    Looking for the highest quality in our work and exercising our activity with rigor and technical competence, but also with deep human quality.
  3. Respect for the environment
    We love sailing and enjoyed transmitting our enthusiasm for this activity, totally respectful of the environment, to all our students.
  4. Commitment to the satisfaction of our students
    We strive to provide the best training and the best possible service, always pursuing the satisfaction of all our students.
  5. Social and institutional commitment
    We collaborate with social institutions of all kinds both to incorporate into our team all kinds of professionals with an emphasis on diversity, and to reach agreements to favor the our students and in general to encourage sport and nautical activity among all citizens. Actions such as reducing the current gender gap in the nautical sector, promoting access to sailing for people with fewer resources.
    We have created the Fundació Port Blau - Escola Port , from which we will channel all the social action we have carried out in recent years.
  6. Sporty spirit
    This spirit that makes people grow up in the face of adversity and overcome the difficulties they encounter along the way is part of the attitude of the whole team. of the Port School.

Some relevant Port School actions:

To give free access to nautical knowledge to all who wish, we created . In this website Escola Port offers open all recreational sailing courses. To date more than 300,000 people around the world have taken free theory courses on this website.

The collaboration with the Generalitat de Catalunya begins to give opportunities to the users of the Carnet Jove to allow young people to get better prices on all our nautical courses and activities.

Escola Port establishes an agreement with Barcelona City Council through the Work program to encourage people with problems of social inclusion in access to vocational training courses at sea.

We are launching the WOMEN ON THE RUDDER initiative with the aim of promoting recreational boating among the female population and, as far as possible, trying to reduce the gender gap .

To facilitate attendance at recreational courses that are a barrier to attendance at face-to-face courses, we implement the streaming class modality. The face-to-face class is broadcast live so that from wherever you are and with any device you can follow and participate in the class as if you were in the classroom.

The family pack is created offering a 15% discount to large families whose members wish to take recreational or professional nautical courses.

We created the Port Blau Foundation - Escola Port to channel all the social action of the school.