The mission of Escola Port is transmitting nautical culture and the passion for the sea to the local population. The main line of activity of the company, the School, aims at providing the necessary knowledge so that students can obtain their nautical qualifications both at recreational and professional level.

The vision we have is to be a leading school based on an involved teacher who enjoys what he does and transmits it to his students, in modern facilities and innovative teaching methods, both face-to-face and online.


The six core values of Escola Port are:

  1. Integrity and ethical commitment – It means being honest in our work and in relationships with others. Be aware of the ethical implications of the multiple decisions we face and act in a fair and responsible manner, seeking the common good and, especially, that of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged groups.
  2. Professional excellence – Looking for the highest quality in our work and carrying out our activity with rigor and technical competence, but also with a deep human quality.
  3. Respect for the environment – We are lovers of sailing and we enjoy transmitting our enthusiasm for this activity, totally respectful with the environment, to all our students.
  4. Commitment to the satisfaction of our students – We strive to provide the best education and the best possible service always seeking the satisfaction of all our students.
  5. Social and institutional commitment – We collaborate with social institutions of all kinds to incorporate to our team all kinds of professionals with an emphasis on diversity, as well as to reach agreements to favor our students and in general to promote sports and nautical activity among all citizens.
  6. Sports spirit – This sporting spirit that makes people grow up in the face of adversity and overcome the difficulties encountered along the way is part of the attitude of the entire Escola Port team.


Some relevant actions

The Escola Port has two teaching centers in the Olympic Village of Barcelona, is involved with the institutions and social measures that they advocate: collaborates with the City of Barcelona through the Program Labora to favor people with social inclusion and with the Generalitat de Catalunya to give opportunities to young people with projects like the Carnet Jove that is possible to use in the School and allows young people to obtain better prices in courses and nautical activities.

The innovative teaching methods of Escola Port are adapted to the current context of the knowledge society based on technology and playful formats. A young team is responsible for making all this possible.

An open online website ( ), totally free, created by the Escola Port team, facilitates people from all over the world to approach the nautical world and the students of the school itself to do the course from home on days that can not be moved to the classroom course.

In the professional courses, which we know with a key for insertion in the labor market, Escola Port makes special prices to all those who are unemployed to provide them with a tool with which they can make their way in the labor market in a booming sector as is the nautical sector.