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Theory and practice in one place.

Escola Port is a Nautical School or Academy with two offices in the same area, one in the Olympic Village – Dr. Trueta, 48 and one in the Port Olympic Moll de la Marina 11 – which has classrooms and boats.

This way our students can make the theory and practice at the same place.

Other schools teach their courses in one place and give the practical lessons in another place, sometimes even in different cities, which is a big time loss for students.

Own selection of boats.

We have six boats for practices. This way we can offer a lot of space for students of Escola Port. Our students can perform their practices on the date they choose any time of the year.

Always in combination with our timetables.

Other centers have less boats and offer less places and dates for the practices. In the high season they often have problems with the scheduled practices of their students.

Flexibility of schedules.

We offer courses in the mornings, afternoons and in the evenings during work-days. We also offer intensive courses in weekends. In addition, the students of Escola Port can make their schedules as it personally best suits them.

No other sailing school offers as many courses a month with so many different options like Escola Port.
No sailing school offers as many courses a month with so different options such as Escola Port.

Prices with everything included.

The prices of our courses include everything you need: teaching materials, classroom lectures instructor, practices, online support, IVA, exam fees and issuing degrees.

Other schools do not have all prices inclusive. We like to inform our alumnes about the prices before the purchase.

High pass rate.

In the exams our students have a high success rate.

An example: In an exam “patró de iot” in december 2016, 17 students were registered and 17 passed at the first try.

Not all sailing schools offer the same level of quality in their courses. Therefore they don’t achieve a pass rate as high as Escola Port.

Free online materials.

Escola Port offers a free virtual classroom, where students can study and search the curriculum, get to know the instructors and make test exams.

Until the spring of 2016, when Escola Port started the virtual classroom, no other school offered this free service.

Escola Port is a recognized brand.

Escola Port is a recognized brand in Barcelona for the quality of their courses.

We don’t need to rely on other brands to attract students.

Some schools located Barcelona use the name of Escola Port to attract their students with misleading ads.

Therefore, we remind you to book your course by telephone or internet purchase, so that you do not select the wrong school.


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    Maritime Professional Training
    Doctor Trueta 48,
    Vila Olímpica.
    08005 · Barcelona
    Monday to friday: 9:00 a 19:00
    Saturday and sunday: 9:00 a 15:00
    Escola Port
    Moll de la Marina 11,
    Port Olímpic.
    08005 · Barcelona
    Monday to friday: 09:00 a 19:00
    Saturday and sunday: 10:00 a 16:00
    Escola Port
    Moll de la Marina 5,
    Port Olímpic.
    08005 · Barcelona
    Monday to sunday: 10:30 a 16:00